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Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 128: Live Trip Reporting Chillin’ Around World Showcase

In episode 128, the live trip reporting continues from our March 2016 trip including a walk and enjoyment of World Showcase on a Sunday afternoon. Mexican pavilion and boat ride Momma purchase Leila in Norway pavilion World Showcase stroll and talk Movie soundtrack from French pavilion Outtro: How to support our show? Retweet on Twitter […]

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Geekin’ On WDW 126: Live Trip Reporting Turtle Feeding, Margaritas, Periscope Chatter and Meetup

In episode 126, Live trip reporting continues including a trip to the Aquarium at the Living Seas, feeding fish and turtles, Mexican pavilion 11am Margaritas and our live meet up with some listeners. Nemo –  walk through entrance Aquarium Feeding fish and turtles; talking to CM’s Mexican pavilion ordering Lindsay Periscope talking Heather Brainerd, Castro’s […]

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Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 125: Super Geek Roundtable Gets 5 Wishes From A Disney World Genie

In episode 125, we bring the Super Geek roundtable together and ask them what they would do with 5 wishes from a Disney World genie. Super Geekers: Melissa Balavender, EJ Cruz, Jenn Galambus and Tony McDaniel. Outtro: How to support our show? Retweet on Twitter or Share our Facebook episode postings; Best way Go to iTunes and […]

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