Geekin’ Gazette #5 – Our Weekly Top 5 Walt Disney World News, Tips and Community Happenings

1.I thought this was really cool to find a Guinness World Record from our beloved Land pavilion in EPCOT. Most tomatoes harvested from one plant: Octopus tomato tree breaks Guinness World record (VIDEO)

2.Listener Chris Lauritzson was in Disney World this past week with his beautiful family hosted by the Make A Wish program. I’m begging Chris to come on the show for a trip report as soon as they’re home. I LOVE this program and my dream is that our community can be a contributor to these efforts.

3.Wednesday was a rough day this week. I was upset at how many of my friends were upset about the outcome of the American elections. I had some more bad news on the same day. I poured my heart out to them in a post and our Geekin’ family was so supportive. It’s a testament to our common bond and care for each other.

4.We’ve had some amazing fun receiving care packages from listeners recently. This week, Holly and Peter Bercase sent us a very thoughtful EPCOT 2016 Food & Wine package including mementos from the festival, the collector Mickey glass, Rome burning Yankee Candle, Sorcerer’s cards and a F&W Figment collector pin!

5.We always have listeners in the parks. It’s so much fun as they post pictures into our Facebook group. Heather Brainerd had a real cute picture in EPCOT for Dapper Day. Jeanette Lynn posted some beautiful pictures from Magic Kingdom and the Christmas decorations already in Disney World. We sure have a long backlog of trip reports to get to.

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