Geekin’ Gazette #7 – Our Weekly Top 5 Walt Disney World News, Tips and Community Happenings

  • On the same day we got a 3 star iTunes review, episode 151 was released with our interview with Len Testa.  This episode rocketed to the top of our most downloaded shows in 3 days.  We received lots of kudos and the Unofficial Guide team has asked us to interview the author of the Disneyland and Beyond Disney 2017 guides.  They’re sending us free copies.  Oh, and we received another care package in the mail from Kevin Curtis Allen with London, Isle of Wight food and souvenirs.  We got lots of love from our Geeks after that bad review.  It’s much appreciated!
  • Some big D23 announcements including more Disney and rides promised for an EPCOT transformation.  Right after we speculated in episode 151 that Avatar would barely make 2017, Disney announced Avatar’s opening for the Summer of 2017.  Once again for a major attraction opening, if you’ve already made your Summer plans, you’ll wait in suspense to see the actual date.
  • Heather Brainerd was right on top of the announcement for next year’s Food & Wine festival expanding to 75 days.  You can catch it if you go late Aug into early Sept.  Interesting ying-yang comments by Geeks on the announcement.
  • The weird announcement of the week was posted by Beth Jacob about the new cabanas for rent at the Magic Kingdom.  The “tent city” comments on my social media this week says it’s not a welcome addition.
  • Our trip plans for January are slowly coming together.  I’m excited about our Quest we posted on FB and listeners we’ll have a chance to meet including Bev Johnson, Holly Bercase, Bob Allen, Jo-anne Daris and Laurie Olivieri.
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