Geekin’ Gazette #8 – Our Weekly Top 5 Walt Disney World News, Tips and Community Happenings

  • You know I love seeing all our Geeks sending us pictures on the Facebook group.  Especially, when they have a Geek meetup like this one with Connie and Jeff.  The Mexican pavilion is a great place to meet and have a Margarita.  Where’s the Frozen one?
  • I remember not too long ago Momma told me about the exclusive DVC tour of Soarin’.  I was disappointed when I learned it was only offered in Disneyland.  Now, it’s available in Disney World.  Hurray!
  • Wow we have a lot of Geeks in Disney World this past week.  I’m loving the pictures from Melissa Grover with Lyvie, Amberly Keach , Clay Greene and Anthony Allen.
  • Spaceship Earth at Epcot to become Giant Star Wars Death Star during Special After-Hours Event.  Are you going to stay up late on Monday night to watch the live stream celebration?  It’s getting close to the new Star Wars movie.
  • I’m excited that we’re scheduling 3 new shows where we have the opportunity to interview an author from the Unofficial Guides series. I’m currently working on the Disneyland guide. We’ll be having Guy Selga, Jr. on our show.
    After we complete that one, we’ll have Erin Foster from the Disney Cruise Line and Seth Kubersky from Beyond Disney that covers all the Orlando theme parks.  I’m asking for your support and sending us some great questions so we can have some great interesting and informative shows.
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