Geekin’ Gazette #9 – Our Weekly Top 5 Walt Disney World News, Tips and Community Happenings

  1. The week started with Epcot’s tribute to the new Star Wars moving coming this month.  They turned the Epcot ball into the Death Star.  The Geeks were mixed in their reviews to that’s cool to I thought it would be more.  I thought they would blow it up. All in all, it was very creative.  I hope they do more video projection on the ball.
  2. We had a few Geeks in the parks and we enjoyed their picture postings in the Facebook group including Holly and Peter Bercase, Amberly Keach and Melissa & Lyvie Grover.
  3. The new movie Moana is doing great in the theatre’s and Lindsay and I enjoyed it.  We highly recommend it and you can hear our thoughts on episode 154 released today.
  4. We had two Geeks try ‘Ohana this past week.  I’m always nervous that some of our favorites that we rave about might miss the mark for our listeners.  ‘Ohana continues it’s glorious run of Geeks who love it with Amberly Keach and Lis Balavender reporting great experiences.
  5. Disney World announced After Hours events in Magic Kingdom for 2017.   DVC and Annual Pass owners can go to this late night event for $89 which is much cheaper than the $150 charged last year.
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