Geekin’ On WDW 012: Answering Listener Glen Kessler’s Questions About DVC

On episode 12 we bring on a guest, Glen Kessler, to help him with some questions about Disney Vacation Club(DVC).

Questions and Answers we respond to:

  1. Do you find that you mind cooking and cleaning while on vacation? Does it in any way take away from ‘the magic?
  2. We, like you, are most attracted by Beach Club and Bay Lake Tower.  What was it that swayed you toward BLT instead of BC?
  3. Did length of term factor into your decision (looks like Beach Club has 27 years left while Bay Lake has 44)? The savings obviously mount as the years and trips add up. But do you think you’ll really still want to go in 44 years?
  4. It looks like the Beach Club DVC rooms are kind of far from the pool area. Maybe also from the drink refill station. Is that true, and is it a frustration?
  5. With Polynesian DVC coming on board in 2015, do you think the resale market for other DVC resorts will drop? I’d hate to buy resale this year at $95/pt only to find there’s a glut next year and they’re going at $80/pt.
  6. Does ‘use year’ matter when choosing your DVC contract? I.e., if we like to go in October every 3 years and thus plan to use last year’s, this year’s, and next year’s points for our trip, should we be mindful to choose a November ‘use year’ so our points are primed for use 11 months in advance of our reservation?
  7. Have you ever rented DVC points?
  8. Have you ever regretted your DVC purchase and why?


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