Geekin’ On WDW 032: Lisa Green Shares Her 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip Experience

In Episode 32, we chat with blogger and good friend of the show, Lisa Green from, about her 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Ohana is my favorite Walt Disney World restaurant and it means “family”.  Like Walt Disney said, The most important thing is Family. It’s episode 32. Come on Cousins!  Join our family as we go Geekin On Walt Disney World!
Yes, if you’re listening to our show you are part of our family.
Intro myself and Lindsay
The dog’s might not interrupt us tonight due to the time change and darkness.  Every night they seem exhausted this week.
Introduce Lisa Green
Tonight we’re joined by our favorite Disney World Blogger, purveyor of, fellow geek and cousin, Lisa Green.
You’re now been on our show 3 times.  Almost as much as Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live.
Momma says
Highest 4th quarter attendance ever
Transformation from Halloween to Christmas
Congrats to cousin Danielle Hodges
Friends and family help people out.
Weight loss challenge
    I’m looking for others who want to lose some weight and encourage each other.
    Start Dec 1
Orange bird give away
  3 ways to enter
    Email me at
    Reply to show notes on Facebook post on our facebook page Geekinonwdw
    Or go to and subscibe to our blog.  You’ll get emails each time we create a new show.
Discuss dinners for Gail and son.
  My list:
  Chef Mickey’s
  Crystal Palace
  Garden Grill
  50’s Prime Time
  Beaches and Cream
  Mom: Sci Fi
Questions for Lisa
Country Bears
California Grill
Food and Wine Festival
Bay Lake Tower
People you meet or Cast Member interaction
Friday recording with guests.  Keith Schneider next week.  We’ll cover Thanksgiving at Disney World. Reaching out to others

If you’d like to be a guest on the show, chat me on twitter @GeekinonWDW or our Facebook page GeekinonWDW or send and email to curt.stone@Geekinonwdw
Lisa Green – Twitter @life_of_green
Facebook –
Facebook page:
Blog –
Article about crowds:


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