Geekin’ On WDW 042: Year End Show Includes A Disney Villain Rebuttal And All Of Our Bloopers

In episode 42, Lindsay and I critique a negative blog post about Disney World and finish with a collection of our bloopers from the past year.
Prince Hans of the Southern Isles in Frozen was difficult to discover as a villain, but Disney Geeks know when they see a villain. We discovered a Disney villain and we respond in episode 42. Let’s defend the Disney World faithful and go Geekin’ On Walt Disney World!
Lindsay’s Christmas presents
Curtis Christmas presents including Walt book(How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life)
, AccScent HD, mp3/wave recorder, Mickey Mouse tshirt and Joffrey Coffees.
Do you get criticized for your love of Disney World? Do friends or family not get it?
Heather Pitman’s facebook post on our page.  Disney World Mooning
New Country: Brazil. 1 download
Where do the coins from WDW go?
Momma says:
2015 cover of Unofficial Guide is Everest again. Wrong!
Sunshine Tree Terrace will server Dole Whips
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