Geekin’ On WDW 050: Our Top 5 Restaurants and Pre-Trip Report With Special Guest, Momma

Intro: In our house, we have a saying “If Momma’s not happy, Nobody’s happy”.  No worries tonight because we know Momma’s happy place.  Find out in this very special episode number 50 as we go Geekin’ On Walt Disney World!
In episode 50, we chat with the real Momma and see what she says about some latest news, preview our upcoming Feb trip and do a top 5 favorite restaurants.
Momma Says:
Disney Food Blog post “New Food I Want to Stuff My Face With at Disney World this Year”
Puppettude Party – Thank Judy Ludwig
Pooh to Tigger finishing up this week
Disney Obsessed – Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat
“Magical Day” – Snob comment – Direct message on Twitter
PreTrip Report
Why we’re going?
Who’s going?
Where we’re staying?
Where we are eating?
Must Do’s?
Top 5 restaurants
High Fidelity top lists  John Cusack Jack Black
Crystal Palace
Flying Fish
Brown Derby
Grand Floridian Cafe
Flying Fish
Garden Grill
Sleepy Hollow
Curtis(Fun Factor)
Beaches & Cream
Prime Time

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