Geekin’ On WDW 053: Part 2 Live Trip Reporting Featuring Chats with Guests, Epcot and Animal Kingdom

In episode 53, we continue the live trip reporting in part 2 of 4 live recordings during our Feb 2015 trip to Pop Century.

Highlights include:

  • Mexican pavillion, Margarita’s, Tequila shot training
  • Lunch in France
  • Will we do my must do’s in Epcot on Friday
  • Try the French beer on Nick Maglio’s suggestion
  • Momma and I chat on the bench in England
  • Pictures with British Revolution
  • Does England have a tea that smells like Rome burning?
  • Momma’s take on the lumberjack show in Canada
  • Disneyland cast members interview on bus to Animal Kingdom
  • Guests from Canada interview
  • Fun chat with Momma on way to Dinosaur ride
  • Japanese guest chat before Dinosaur
  • Pagani Trail walk
  • Guitar Dan performance of “Princess Sadie”
  • More Harambe players and Argentina tour group dancing
  • After dinner walk from Grand Floridian to the Polynesian


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