Geekin’ On WDW 064: Walt Disney World the English Way with Kevin Allen-Curtis

In episode 64, Super Geek community member Tony McDaniel and I chat with Kevin Allen-Curtis from the Isle of Wight, England about his Disney World experiences.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • Not a normal introduction to Disney as a child
  • Tricking American Airmen as a child
  • Honeymoon in 94 at WDW / yard of Ale training
  • First trip with my sons 2007
  • Doing it right staying at POR with free dining 2012
  • 23 hours on Planes,Trains,automobiles & a hovercraft to get to WDW
  • The Brits do Orlando not just DISNEY so the UK tickets are different to the US tickets we get here in the UK
  • Run Disney Half Marathon Disney Land Paris

Tony McDaniel

Fairytale Journeys


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