Geekin’ On WDW 065: Special Mother’s Day Show: Top Thing’s Mom’s Think About For A Disney World Vacation

In episode 65, we celebrate with five Mom’s and discuss top things Mom’s think about for their Disney World vacations.
We are the family friendly, Father/Daughter podcast that will feed your passion for Walt Disney World by sharing our experiences and opinions as well as others from our community of passionate Walt Disney World geeks.
Intro the roundtable:
The mom’s tell me a little about themselves.
The roundtable guests:
Diane McGuire from and the Park Talk Podcast
    Listened to your show talking about the Super Hero store; Lindsay
Judy Ludwig
Jenn Galambos
Claudia Castro
The infamous, the queen bee, my sweetheart and fellow Margarita partner, Momma.
Community Shoutout:
Drew Baker’s email about Margaritas.
Disney News:
We got our magic bands.
Disney box

Do you have to get your toes painted?

How much time do you spend on phone with Disney World planning?
Are you ladies the planners of the vacation?
How to get some “me” time at WDW?
What would be your dream Mother’s Day at WDW
I also like finding quiet and quick character spots for pictures and autographs.
Memories made without tantrums = happy mommy.
Restaurants and not having to make a meal or pick up?
We love stories.
Any particular special moments with the kids?
Are you bringing your kids up the “Disney” way to make them true geeks too once they are adults!!
Diane McGuire from

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