Geekin’ On WDW 081: Two Day Trip Live Reporting with Caribbean Beach and Polynesian DVC Part 3

In episode 81, Curtis continues the live trip reporting from a short 2 day trip of our stay at the Caribbean Beach and Polynesian DVC.  This episode includes more of our day at Magic Kingdom including Dapper Dan’s performance, Mary Poppins surprise visit, chats at Polynesian DVC and EPCOT.

  • Dapper Dan’s Barber Shop Quartet in Magic Kingdom
  • Mary Poppins during Dapper Dan’s show
  • Afternoon break in our room at Polynesian DVC
  • Chat continues after dinner in room
  • Sunday morning walk to get coffee at Captain Cooks
  • Review of Magic Kingdom evening fun
  • EPCOT rope drop, chat before entering park
  • Learn what EPCOT stands for
  • Learn what happened to PUSH after his retirement
  • Fun crowd chat waiting to be let loose

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