Geekin’ On WDW 086: Super Geek Roundtable Favorite Snacks

On episode 86, Curtis brings back the Super Geek round table to complete our food chat including our favorite WDW snacks.
Super Geek roundtable:
Heather Brainerd – Recently started her own podcast with her son Cale, The Disney Duo Podcast.
Sarah Chapman
Erika Murphy
We’ve covered When to go, Where to Stay and now we finish What to eat
Momma says:
Tomorrow we can do our first night ADR. BOMA or Jiko
Did you guys watch Walt Disney biography last night?
Favorite Snacks:
Curtis faves:
Nachos, Pork Nachos, Slushies, Homemade Chips, Cheese plates, No Way Jose, ice cream, Ice Cream Sandwich, Kremla bakery – School bread, Fresh Berry Cream puff, French bakery, Pretzel with cheese, Cinnamon buns(glazed), Cronut, Pork Shank, Dessert Party(We’ve done two of these)
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