Geekin’ On WDW 108: Super Geeks Defeat A Disney World Villian With Author/Blogger Kyle Burbank

In episode 108, we talk to author/blogger Kyle Burbank about an article in titled “Shocker — the Outside World Still Doesn’t Understand Adult Disney Fandom”.

Scooter Vacations mentioned by Lindsay for scooter rental

Kyle Burbank: Blogger for the

Momma says:

Rumor has it from a secret CM facebook group that we have another price increase coming for a day ticket at WDW
The good news: I got Binaural Microphone/earphones for Christmas.
The bad news: Lola got a hold of them and chewed them up while still in supplied bag.
The good news: Momma submitted a credit card claim and it was accepted within a couple days.
The bad news: She was going to wait till we received the check before she ordered a replacement.
The good news: She noticed on Amazon that the inventory was down to one left.
The good news: She ordered them and they are in my hands.
Just wait till you hear this year’s live Disney World recordings.
Community shout out
Chris Cates in now my favorite Super Geek and listener.  She sent us an animalie fantastico from her Mexican trip.  Hot chocolate, gecko magnet and some animalie fantastico playing/collector cards.
Geekin’ on Walt Disney World Hack of the Week : Buy an annual pass if you plan on being in the parks 10+ days in a year.
Review of Article:Shocker — the Outside World Still Doesn’t Understand Adult Disney Fandom
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