Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 118: Live March 2016 Trip Reporting Including Seeds Tour, Illuminations, BCV and Magic Kingdom

In episode 118,  we continue the live trip reporting from our March 2016 trip.  This week’s episode includes the Seeds Tour in Epcot, Illuminations, Beach Club Villas coffee walk, Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour, TTA, Pirates ride and a fun chat on Main Street USA.

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Edible arrangement from Super Geeks
Kevin’s UK care shoe box with duck tape
Intro dedicated to:
I have a saying for one of our Geeks today, Christie Diane.
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  • The beginning of the Seeds Tour featuring our intro
  • Just before Illuminations
  • Beach Club Villas morning coffee walk
  • MK 8am entrance
  • Pre Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour
  • A taste of the 3 hour Marceline tour
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Lindsay and I have a conversation with some ladies on Main Street on our way out of park going to Polynesian


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