Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 145 – Travel Tips and Report With Our TA Experts And Listener Karey Foote

In episode 145, we bring on our Fairy Tale Concierge roundtable gang and listener Karey Foote to review her experience with our travel agent Jenn and her family’s Disney World vacation.

The Fairy Tale Concierge team of EJ Cruz, Susan Jones and Jennifer Galambos join us to review Karey’s trip.

Besides Karey’s trip report, she shares 6 tips and things that were memorable for her.

1. Dining plan helped simplify things. Must use if free or not, IMO. I obsessed about the food months to days before hand. It consumed my life thinking about all the FREE and YUMMY food I would be eating.  Wanted to include as many character meals as we could.
2. Memory maker
3. Dressing up
4. Sit down and eat character meals, no crowds/rush. Time to relax.  You would have to wait 15-30 mins in line to see characters anyways. Why not relax and eat.
5. Loved fall decorations. Wish it was cooler! lol Even though it was hot the low crowds made it bearable and the fall decorations made it very festive feeling.
6. RELAX! Don’t stress if you don’t get done what you were planning. There’s always next year! LOL


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