Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 164: Live Trip Reporting from Jan 2017 at Jock Lindsay’s, Soarin’ and Living Seas

In episode 164, Curtis takes his recorder down to Disney Springs, Jock Lindsay’s, EPCOT, Soarin’ and The Livings Seas.


  • Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar
    • Outside deck
    • Saratoga Springs across water
    • DLuxe Burger suggested by Geeks
    • Disney Springs description
  • Wednesday morning coffee walk
    • Chat with guest from CT
    • Sit down in empty Pepper Market and review previous day
    • Describe day at Animal Kingdom on walk back to room
    • Tree of Life description
  • Opening of EPCOT and meet new friend from CT, Kathy Barlow
  • Story: I was looking for someone to talk to.  I’ve had some good recorded impromptu conversations in the past while waiting in line.
  • Even though I was alone, I met new friends today
  • Isn’t it fun when you meet a Disney Geek accidently?
  • DVC discussion
  • In line for Soarin’ on my first time on new movie
  • I gush over our Geekin’ family
  • Beth Jacob and Kevin shout out
  • I get some feedback while putting on binaural headphones, Sorry.
  • Soarin’ loading and the CM has to hold me back
  • Soarin audio – Spoiler alert
  • I do comment on the CGI parts but not as critical as Holly and Lindsay
  • Cathy and I talk about Paris and Hong Kong.  I mention Beth Jacob because I’m always talking about our Geeks.
  • Manatee learning with Zack a Cast Member
  • CM chat at the Aquarium about the rays.  Watching the feeding of the rays.
  • Diver brings ray up to the glass while they feed them squid

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