Geekin’ On WDW Podcast 179: Live Trip Report Including Coffee Walk At Grand Floridian and U.K EPCOT Tea Tour

In episode 179, we continue our live March 2017 trip report including coffee walk around the Grand Floridian, Resort Loop Monorail and a Tea Tour in U.K Epcot pavilion.

This recording features
  • Thursday morning coffee walk at the Grand Floridian DVC
  • English tea tour this morning
  • Review previous days events including:
    • Exclusive DVC Soarin’ tour
    • Boardwalk walk with Ken and Judy
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Judy rides Tower of Terror for first time
    • Momma accidently loses our Toy Story fast pass
    • Sunrise at resort
    • Sleepy at the muppets
    • Largest hot dog ever
    • Gasparilla’s for coffee
    • Disney Springs Jock Lindsay’s just Lindsay and I
    • Boathouse for the first time
    • Magic Kingdom at night
    • I predict what Momma is going to say exactly before we take off for the morning
    • Momma’s Castle scooter off road experience going airborne story
    • Monorail ride chatting with guests
    • I love the Monorail audio, something about it is just so exclusively Disney World
    • Momma’s top Resort Loop Resorts
    • Walking into EPCOT
    • Meetup with Judy, Ken and Lindsay getting checked in for our Tea Tour at the U.K. pavilion
    • Tea Tour in the U.K. gardens

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