Live March 2017 Trip Report including EPCOT Smokehouse Ribs, Polynesian Luau and Binaural Fantasyland – Ep. 181

In episode 181, we continue our March 2017 live trip report with some time in EPCOT World Showcase during Flower & Garden, we’re forced to try the Polynesian Luau and some relaxed time in Fantasyland with lots of park audio with binaural headphones.

  • EPCOT World Showcase- Germany beer flight, grapefruit beer and pretzel discussing how we get to Wilderness Lodge
  • Egg hunt
  • Smokehouse trying to decide what to eat
  • Lindsay almost drinks my maple bacon stout
  • Choose Ribs
  • I torture you this week with the Luau so you know to avoid it
  • Momma says server is a bit frazzled
  • We were starving by the time the food came
  • Food was good
  • Can hear our neighbors being served
  • Momma says I have no idea what’s going on “What’s happening!?”
  • Crowds seem to be enjoying but we’re heckling from the back
  • Review food and comments
  • Would have asked for more ribs but didn’t want to bother server
  • It’s so bad I’m having trouble editing and listening
  • Momma laughing at my face expression and comment. WTF had to be cut
  • Friday morning leaving early with momma ; walk to monorail
  • Delete editing snorts
  • Review previous days events
    • Tea tour
    • Soarin
    • World Showcase
    • Pork ribs
    • China movie
    • Chat with momma about the day
    • Hoop de doo power outage
  • Momma and I enjoy Fantasyland attractions together with binaural headphones
  • Really fun and uncrowded early am with sweetie pie
    • Peter Pan queue and ride
    • Carousel
    • Pooh
    • Mickey’s Philharmagic
    • Small World – no Margita on good bye
    • Teacups
      • Smoke at race track
      • Alice sighting

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