Live Animal Kingdom Park Audio from Navi River Ride, Flights Of Wonder and Coffee Walk In All Star Movies Resort – Ep.193

In episode 193, we continue the May 2017 live trip recordings including Navi River Ride, Santuli Canteen breakfast, Flights of Wonder and coffee walk and description of the All Star Movies resort.


  • Navi River ride
  • Santuli Canteen for breakfast
  • Talking about our Pandora experience
  • Didn’t go back Saturday
  • PreShowFlight of Passage- close look at an owl
  • Flights of Wonder
  • After show of Flights of Wonder
  • Reviewing the day near Everest as Lindsay is shopping before Rivers of Light show
  • Friday morning coffee walk at the AllStars Movies Resort
  • Describing resort – talking about the Magic Kingdom day coming up
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