Live Trip Reporting From All Star Movies and Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Resorts – Ep. 217

In episode 217, we bring you the first of many live trip report episodes from our January 2018 2 week trip to Walt Disney World staying at All Star Movies, Animal Kingdom Kidani Village, Bay Lake Tower and Old Key West Resorts.


  • All Star Movies first coffee walk
  • Jungle Cruise
  • 2nd All Star Movies coffee walk
  • First great meet up with Heather Brainerd
  • I ask the Question whether or not I ride Flight of Passage
  • Transfer to Kidani DVC
  • Talk to CM in Safari
  • Sunday Coffee Walk
  • Joycelyn Passty liked my Geekin’ Shirt and I run into her again on coffee walk
  • The first Geekin’ Family Reunion/Meetup

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