Recommended Resources

With our vast experience in traveling to Walt Disney World and talking to many Walt Disney World fans(or as we like to refer to them as, Geeks), we naturally have suggestions for products and services we can recommend to our listeners.

We have established affiliate relationships with some of the products/services listed on this page. This means that if you use our links on this page, we’ll earn a commission from any purchases linked from our website.  This is a fun win-win-win for you, the sponsor and us.  It’s totally free for you to support us and our efforts in building and supporting our Geekin’ family community.  We will only recommend products and services we are confident in.


Fairy Tale Concierge Travel(Our Travel Agency Sponsor)

If you want a partner in planning your entire trip, we recommend Disney travel agents Jennifer Galambos and EJ Cruz from Fairy Tale Concierge Travel.  They are an authorized Disney World Travel agency.

Little Dole Whips Website – Jennifer on Facebook – EJ on Facebook



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